Since 1991, TÇT built up an impressive curriculum in the environmental sector. Since 1998, the range of activities and services has been extended to the fields of energy, transportation, construction, as well ecological project development.

Following the dramatic developments on the Turkish market in the early 2000s, TÇT has been transformed from an all-in-house consultancy firm into a specialised boutique firm with a predominantly custom-tailed approach to its Clients. Its core specialist team, supported by an extensive pool of experts, guarantees dedicated, high quality, and speedy solutions to the Clients’ needs.

Our philosophy

Your local partner in international projects:

TCT is a respected local partner in international projects on Turkish soil. It assures that foreign firms do not get lost in local business culture, bureaucracy, politics, legal and linguistic problems. This is possible only thanks to TCT’s multi-linguistic and experienced staff members who have worked abroad and in Turkey, thus knowing perfectly well how to mediate between foreign and local stakeholders.