Waste Water Treatment Plant - Zonguldak

Feasibility Study for the Sewerage System and Waste Water Treatment Plant. Client: Zonguldak Municipality
Funding: Spanish Economic Ministry, Budget: 284,985€ (Phase 1); 750,000 € (Phase 2) Year: 2003-2005 (phase1), 2006– Ctd (Phase 2), Partner: IDOM Ingenieria y Consultoria, S.A

Tuz Lake Sanitation Study - Central Anatolia Region

Master Plan for Environmental Projects needed for the protection of the natural resources and the economic activities of the region. Client: Turkish Ministry of Environment, Authority for the Protection of Special Areas , Budget: 600,000 €, Year: 2001-2003, Partners: IDOM, IBERINSA, INCLAM

Feasibility Study for Water Supply and Waste Water Disposal - Mus

Feasibility study for Mus waste water treatment plant at international environmental standards.Client: T.C. Mus Municipality, Funding: T.C. Mus Municipality, Budget: 549,810 € ,Year: 2009 – 2010, Partner: MVV

Gediz River Basin Master Plan - Izmir Province

Feasibility Study of Comprehensive Environmental Master Plan in the Gediz River Basin. Client: T.C. Ministry of Environment and Forestry, Funding: Spain, Budget: 348,600 €, Year: 2005-2007, Partners: TYPSA,IDOM,DERYA

EIA for SOCAR-TURCAS - Adana Refinery

EIAs according to local and international (IFC) standards, License and permitting procedure. Client: SOCAR-Turcas, Funding: SOCAR-Turcas, Budget: 100,000$, Year: 2007 – 2009, Partner: Ekotest

Integrated Environmental Project - Didim

Consulting and Supervision services to Didim (Yenihisar) Municipality for Wastewater network and collectors, Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sanitary Landfill and Sea Discharge. Client: T.C. Didim (Yenihisar) Municipality, Funding: Export & Commercial Loans, Budget: 947,000 €, Year: 1998-2006, Partner: (None)