TCT provides services for companies and individuals that needs or requires to increase their energy efficiency and/or reduce their carbon emissions.

In 2012, Turkey will prepare for its full integration in the Kyoto protocol. As such the carbon emissions and energy efficiency will be under close scrutiny to comply with compulsory energy and carbon reduction.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a cost-effective strategy for building economies and reaching a performance/cost ratio that is satisfactory for both the user and the environment.

TCT offers the complete array of services for a business or individual who need to assess; reduce and certify its potential energy reduction and tools to run its building or industry more efficiently:

a)  Identify the energy savings

b)  Analyze energetic performance

c)  Diversify the energy sources

d)  Assist in  green building certification such as LEED

Carbon Credit project development

Energy Efficiency


Carbon Emission Reduction


Different types of carbon projects are generating carbon credits namely:

-Renewable energy: solar, wind and hydroelectric power;

-fuel use reduction: increasing efficiency, switching fuels, or generating heat and electricity together;

-Lowering energy requirements: via better lighting, materials, buildings or public transport; or

-Using by-products and wastes: landfill, waste-water treatment or industrial methane (or other gases) recuperation.

 TCT is a carbon credit project developer; as such it has the ability to facilitate for the project certification (see the link to the 2 main certifiers aboveì) process through to the sale and marketing of the carbon credits.

 The carbon credit project  development  steps are as follows:

A Project Design
B Validation
C Registration
D Emissions Monitoring
E Verification
F Issuance of certified credits and marketing guidance